Demo myGRiST

Welcome to the demo myGRiST

This demo version will NOT save any of your data when you exit the tool. Furthermore, it only does part of what will be in the final tool for release in January, 2015. However, we will be adding to its functionality as and when each new element is validated so that you can see how it is developing. Please feel free to let us know how we can improve it by using the link inside the tool to send your feedback directly to us.

Please note: at present, myGRiST is only being used in conjunction with mental-health services so if you want to use it for yourself, ask your mental-health practitioner. Even for this demo version, we would advise you to have someone around who can support you if you are feeling particularly low.

Thank you for using myGRiST and do get in touch if you would like further information or want to be involved in its development.

Select the logo below to access the myGRiST self-assessment tool for testing