Documents for using GRiST tools and services

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Using GRiST for risk formulations and management plans

This document gives more details about how GRiST can be used to support risk formulations that link assessments to management plans. Note that we have updated the interface to make the risk-formulation elements easier to use but the general idea behind them is the same.

GRiST crib sheet

This GRiST crib sheet is a very quick reminder of how to use GRiST for those people who have already read and assimilated the longer manual. The latter should be read first, please.

Manual for mental health practitioners

Handbook for mental health practitioners that explains how GRiST supports the process of evaluating risks and managing them.

Handbook for people without a mental health training

Handbook that explains how to use the GRaCE software for monitoring and managing a person's mental health and wellbeing.

GRiST for older adults

GRiST for older adults

GRiST for children and adolescents

This is a paper version of GRiST for children and adolescents.

GRiST for working-age adults

This is a paper version of GRiST for working-age adults.