Try GRiST anonymously with no data saved

Anonymous demonstration of GRiST

Select the logo to launch GRiST


This will reach the patient management area where you can add or delete service users as well as launch a GRiST assessment for a service user. The default setting is for what we call our "dynamic" interface, which lets you collect data in any order; this is more suitable for entering the data during an assessment in collaboration with the person. However, you can use our standard "sequential" interface by changing the setting when you launch a GRiST assessment for the selected patient.

You can try GRiST here without needing to register on the website. However, this anonymous login version will not let you save your work after you have logged out. If you want to have a more in-depth trial where patients are saved between sessions, please select the create a new account link on the login page.