Another successful ATHENS module at KU Leuven

Students at a workshop for the ATHENS module

eGRiST continues its commitment to disseminating research expertise by delivering another ATHENS module at KU Leuven, Belgium.

KU Leuven is a partner in the GRaCE-AGE project, conducting research into the use of technology to better monitor and manage the health and wellbeing of older people living independently. Last year, the GRaCE-AGE team delivered a module at KU Leuven through the ATHENS Programme, an exchange programme held by a network of European universities. The module was well-received, so GRaCE-AGE returned to deliver another this year.

The ATHENS Programme presents an exciting opportunity to share several years of expertise and research experience produced by GRaCE-AGE, covering the spectrum of health informatics. The module consisted of a series of workshops through the week, and culminated in a seminar on the final day, held in KU Leuven's ESAT (Department of Electrical Engineering) building.

Following the seminar, six groups of students gave presentations on the sensor systems developed for supporting older adults in the community.

Heverlee Castle by the river, KU Leuven
Heverlee Castle by the river, KU Leuven

Finally, the day ended with a celebration of the successful completion of the course held at Heverlee Castle on KU Leuven campus.

We congratulate the participants for their hard work, and wish them all the best for the future.