The Heathcotes Group now using GRiST

The Heathcotes Group provides person-centred, specialist residential care for adults with learning disabilities and mental illness, with over 300 placements across 50 specialist services in the UK. GRiST is now being used by the Heathcotes Group to help assess and manage risk for their service users.

Heathcotes accommodation provides a living environment that closely resembles a family home, with each service having a small number of beds to allow for plenty of space and support. Their residents have a variety of complex and challenging needs, but Heathcotes services aim to enable them to live happy, fulfilling lives while being as independent as possible.

Risk assessment and management is critical to providing care to those with severe mental health difficulties and building a sustainable recovery. GRiST is a secure web service, providing a comprehensive assessment that covers a number of potential risks and the factors which affect them. After an assessment, the practitioner develops a GRiST risk formulation which identifies the key risks and the factors affecting them or protecting against them.

GRiST is actively developed based on feedback from practitioners currently using the service, and it provides several innovative advantages over other risk assessment services. It is secure and entirely online, reducing administrative burden while improving continuity of care. The Mind Map assessment model is unique to GRiST and allows practitioners to turn assessments into collaborative interventions.

In addition to over a decade of experience in risk assessment, eGRiST also has extensive expertise in at-home care provision through the GRaCE-AGE project, making us a good fit for working with the Heathcotes Group.

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