Collaborating with Prospects to provide mental health interventions

Boost Resilience is a suite of interventions built by Prospects, part of the Shaw Trust, designed to empower young people to protect and improve their own mental health. Prospects has agreed to partner with eGRiST to begin integrating GRiST's powerful assessment functionality with Boost Resilience interventions.

Available as a smartphone app, Boost Resilience will offer interactive 'interventions' tailored specifically to the needs of students and young people. These interventions will target key issues or areas of stress such as exams, home-sickness or the transition into work. Young people will be able to engage with Boost interventions at any time, from anywhere, using the app.

eGRiST's meGRiST service, which allows people to self-assess their mental health and wellbeing and assists them in managing it, will be able to integrate with Boost Resilience to recommend interventions and monitor their impact. meGRiST is able to select the most relevant and useful interventions from those available based on a user's personal assessment results. When integrating with Boost, meGRiST can identify areas of concern and then pick Boost interventions that target these areas. After an intervention has been used, meGRiST can judge its impact for the individual user by analysing changes in data across assessments.

We look forward to collaborating with Prospects and the Shaw Trust, and will share more about Boost Resilience as development progresses.

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