eGRiST to spin out from Aston University

eGRiST services are now used by NHS, corporate and non-profit health and social care providers across the world, as well as members of the public wanting to manage their own mental health and wellbeing. It is clear that there is huge commercial demand for intelligent systems in the assessment and management of mental health, and GRiST is ready to fill the gap in the market.

Currently, eGRiST develop three services. The GRaCE-AGE project integrates with cutting-edge sensor technology to help older people live safely and independently, in assisted living or at home. myGRaCE aims to combine decades of expertise with the latest data analysis techniques to deliver intelligent insights and action planning to the general public, helping them improve their mental health and well-being through practical steps. Finally, GRiST brings risk assessment and management expertise to healthcare practitioners in the form of a secure web-based service.

Due to very clear commercial demand for our services, a new company, eGRiST Ltd, has spun-out from Aston University to begin commercialisation. The company has been formed through Companies House, and the university has stated its intent to support the spin-out and committed to providing £60,000 in convertible loans.

Commercialising our activities will allow us to develop a sustainable, profitable funding model. In turn, this will provide capital for further expansion and development of GRiST, myGRaCE and GRaCE-AGE.

The spin-out will involve a rebrand of GRaCE to eGRiST. All training and promotional materials have been updated with a new, more modern visual style, which will be consistent across the eGRiST brand. The website is being redesigned from the ground up to better provide the relevant information to users or organisations, to more effectively integrate the different aspects of eGRiST, and to improve the experience for the ever-growing market of mobile users.

We're excited to share more details about our commercialisation activities over the coming months.

View eGRiST Ltd at Companies House.