EIT Health approve eGRiST progress


eGRiST visited Barcelona to meet with EIT Health officers and present our latest developments. Our progress in 2018, and plans for the future, were very well received.

EIT Health, backed by the European Union, facilitates innovation and collaboration across healthcare projects within the EU to enable Europeans to live longer, healthier lives. eGRiST's GRaCE-AGE project, which helps older people to live more safely and independently, receives significant support from EIT Health and collaborates with other European researchers and businesses through their innovation network.

Last year, EIT officers advised that GRaCE-AGE is ready for commercialisation. This will allow eGRiST's projects to grow and become more sustainable. The officers were impressed with our progress toward this, including our ongoing rebrand, website re-development, and agreement with London agency Goldfish for the development of a marketing strategy (read more).

Furthermore, the GRaCE-AGE project has produced some significant research advancements this year, exploring a greater variety of sensor technology for monitoring health and safety in the home, as well as additional methods for analysing the data produced and extracting useful information.

Going forward, we will continue our cutting-edge research into the use of technology to help older adults live independently, while pushing forward with our commercialisation efforts.

We will always remain committed to the goal of improving health, safety, independence and wellbeing through all of our work, and we hope commercialisation will help us to keep achieving this.

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