Goldfish to develop marketing strategy for eGRiST

Goldfish London

eGRiST are now collaborating with experienced London agency Goldfish, who will be assisting in marketing and sales for eGRiST services.

Goldfish are a London based, entrepreneur-first agency specialising in launching and marketing businesses. They have a wealth of experience in developing commercial and marketing strategies, and have clients across a number of industries and sectors including Future First Global and North London Cares.

eGRiST director Chris Buckingham met with Paul Adams from Goldfish to discuss how the agency could best support eGRiST's various activities. While the GRiST projects (the GRiST clinical assessment tool, myGRaCE self-assessment service and GRaCE-AGE care service for older people) began as research activities within Aston University, eGRiST will be spinning out into a private company later in 2018, which is essential for the scalability and sustainability of the projects.

An effective marketing plan will be critical to the success of the eGRiST spin-out, and with their excellent portfolio and the excitement they have shown for our work, we trust that Goldfish are the perfect choice for delivering it.

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