GRiST launches in Worcestershire Health and Care Partnership NHS Trust

Mental health services in Worcester will now join those in a number of other NHS trusts as users of GRiST for assessing and managing risk in their service users.

eGRiST delivered a training session to 29 practitioners at Kidderminster hospital, introducing them to GRiST risk assessments and the risk formulation and management plan. GRiST is used by mental health services across the UK to assess a number of risks which may be present in those with mental health difficulties. GRiST is actively supported and developed, with features and changes designed based on feedback from users.

To enable mental health services to use GRiST to its full potential, and to integrate it seamlessly throughout their organisations, GRiST is now able to connect with the Carenotes patient record system. This allows a service user's GRiST record to be accessed alongside their patient record, making their assessments and management plans more accessible to the practitioners treating them while reducing administrative burden.