"Training the trainers" in Cumbria

Cumbria recently joined a number of other NHS trusts as users of the GRiST risk assessment service. After a successful training session some time ago, eGRiST returned to Cumbria to train practitioners who will then be able to train others in the use of GRiST.

The session was held at the Fairfield Centre within the Carleton Clinic, Carlisle. Practitioners were shown the latest GRiST features and given guidance on how to use the service most effectively, both for assessment and intervention. They were also instructed on how they can carry out their own GRiST training sessions, and given access to comprehensive training materials.

Teaching practitioners to pass on their knowledge and best practice ensures that mental health services can use GRiST to its full potential, and bring new staff on board as efficiently as possible. The training was very well received, and we will continue to refine our training materials based on feedback from services.