GRandis project meet in France

GRandis meeting in Arcachon

The GRandis Project, an international collaboration which seeks to develop a training programme for caregivers, met in Arcachon, France.

GRandis involves researchers from the UK, Spain, Ireland, France, and Hungary, and GRaCE-AGE is a key partner. The project aims to develop a competence-based, modular training programme for formal and informal caregivers, including care workers and relatives of those with support needs. It will empower them with advanced health literacy and tailored digital competencies, with special ICT skills in using eHealth technologies like smart devices, social alarms, wristbands, and special tele-diagnostic tools installed in the home. They will be able to manage, mentor and facilitate activities of elderly people in virtual communities through using ICT-based communication and online learning tools.

During the first stage of the GRandis project, research was undertaken to establish the demand and viability of a vocational training programme for digital care. Results showed positive attitudes from older adults towards engaging with healthcare technologies.

Then, in November last year, the project framework was completed as the requirements were established following a needs analysis.

The Arcachon meeting brought the project partners together to disseminate expertise, share progress, and discuss moving forward.

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